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Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts

Richard E. Klabunde, PhD


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Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts textbook cover

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Table of Contents by Clinical Topics

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  1. Introduction to cardiac arrhythmias
  2. Membrane potentials
  3. Action potentials
  4. Impulse conduction
  5. Causes of Arrhythmias
  6. Types of arrhythmias
  7. Electrocardiogram

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Cardiac Valve Disease (Heart Murmurs)

  1. Introduction to valve disease and heart murmurs
  2. Cardiac cycle
  3. Valve defects
  4. Ventricular septal defect
  5. Functional murmur

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Coronary Artery Disease

  1. Introduction to coronary artery disease
  2. Angina
  3. Oxygen supply/demand imbalance
  4. Oxygen demand
  5. Consequences of ischemia and hypoxia

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  1. Introduction to capillary fluid exchange and edema
  2. Physical factors regulating capillary fluid exchange

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Heart Failure

  1. Introduction to heart failure
  2. Normal cardiac function
  3. Pathophysiology of heart failure
  4. Systolic dysfunction
  5. Diastolic dysfunction
  6. Neurohumoral compensatory mechanisms

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  1. Introduction to hypertension
  2. Vascular anatomy and function
  3. Arterial pressure
  4. Neurohumoral regulation of arterial pressure

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Peripheral Artery Disease (Intermittent Claudication

  1. Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease (Intermittent Claudication)
  2. Lower limb hemodynamics
  3. Ankle pressure index
  4. Single stenotic lesions
  5. Multiple stenotic lesions

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