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Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts Richard E. Klabunde, PhD

Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts 3e textbook cover Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts, 3rd edition textbook, Published by Wolters Kluwer (2021)

CNormal and Abnormal Blood Pressure, Physiology, Pathophysiology and Treatment book cover Normal and Abnormal Blood Pressure, published by Richard E. Klabunde (2013)

Introduction to Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts

This website is used primarily by medical students; however, undergraduate and graduate students in other health-related fields, as well as physicians, allied health professionals and teachers, have also found the material to be very useful.

What is the scope of this resource?

The materials in this website are limited to physiological concepts that serve as the basis of cardiovascular disease. Anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, biochemistry, etc. are not included except where material from these disciplines might help to explain a physiological concept. Therefore, the student will need to consult other reference sources for more detailed information related to those other disciplines.

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